Professor Dr Saad Rana’s interest in reproduction and fertility management is from the early times of his professional career. He established the first fertility clinic in Pakistan at Lady Willingdon Hospital in 1977 when the concept of specialized clinics was unknown and non-existent in the country. He organized the first ever workshop on IVF in 1986 at the twin cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi with Dr Kamal Ahuja of Cromwell IVF center London as resource person, thus paved the way to the introduction of IVF technology in Pakistan when hardly anybody knew about it here. He maintained the fertility clinics both in public and private sector and practiced the latest techniques. Now his SANAGYN Fertility and IVF center is the most advanced leading center for the management of fertility problems. His other related special interest has been in Natural Family Planning which is based on physiological changes in women. The pioneer of the Natural Family Planning John Billings visited Pakistan on invitation of Prof. Rana. Be it Fertility Management, Perinatal Care or Minimal Access Surgery, he provided most advanced technology. Prof Saad Rana did not only follow and practice the new developments and advancements in gynecology but has also been innovative to introduce the new concepts and techniques of evaluations and management in the specialty using the modern technology in modified way most suitable to the eastern culture and resourceless populations. He strived against the unscrupulous use of Dilatation and Curettage (D & C) describing it one of the most dangerous procedures in gynecology as it resulted in numerous complications in the unsafe hands of careless health workers. He modified its technique, making it simple and safer by applying only few instruments. He emphasized that the most of the spontaneous abortions are complete, leaving behind only decidua, and therefore, must not be followed by curettage unless bleeding is heavy. They should be evaluated with ultrasound and curetted only if there are retained products. In this way over 80% unnecessary curettages are avoided. He is the pioneer of the concept of doing hysteroscopy and if necessary curettage instead of blind D & C, practicing the concept since 1988 when only few centers even in developed countries were using hysteroscopy, even that selectively. At the same time he also introduced the concept of day care gynecology equipped with transvaginal ultrasound and hysteroscopy as side room procedure. HFH was the fist hospital in the world which adopted the hysteroscopy and curettage as day care outpatient procedure. It gives quick diagnosis on single visit for most of the clients.

After completing the government service, Prof. Saad Rana has now fully devoted himself for the patient care and continues to provide the special advanced advice to the women in the fields of Reproduction, Perinatal and Gynecological Care at SANAGYN, his Gynecological Advisory Services. The facilities for the care of childless couples are being continuously expanded. In addition to evaluations and general care, the IVF Center provides the Assisted Reproductive Technology and Test Tube Baby services at the affordable cost to our finance deprived population. He is now also associated with ICSI (Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile), a state of the art centre for IVF (In vitro Fertilization) technology and MEDICSI, Similar state of the art centre for gynecology, perinatology and neonatal care. These have been established by his talented students Yasmeen and Nasim Ashraf.

Prof Saad Rana takes keen interest in the social developments. He has established Doctors Foundation, a trust to promote activities in education, health and social welfare of the community.