SANAGYNIVF is ART/IVF unit of SANAGYN Professor Dr Saad Rana’s Gynecological Advisory Services Is an establishment for women care Located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

A state-of-the-art women clinic in Islamabad since 1982 is a pioneer IVF center in Pakistan that provides compassionate care with the highest standards of professionalism. We remain committed to offering quality care that draws on our many years of experience about fertility problems, pregnancy, gynecological disorders, IVF and other ART procedures.

ART Labs at the associated ICSI (Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples) have the highest International Standards with most advanced equipment.

Its highly trained scientists ensure the quality Management comparable to the best world centers.

Assisted Reproductive Technologey: A procedure other than natural coitus which helps a couple to achieve conception is Assisted Reproductive Technology or any procedure in which sperms or ova are used outside the body to improve and achieve pregnancy is ART.

Pregnancy is a joyful time for all couples. However, for some couples, getting pregnant can be difficult. When conception is not achieved through other measures, we counsel couples about the benefits of ART. Procedures in which sperms were used have been practiced from times unknown, e.g. Artificial insemination with Husband’s sperms (AIH), or with Donor’s sperms (AID). Access to the ova has been recent.

Those who choose to benefit from ART get an explanation of the procedures. The couple is offered these high quality treatments suitable for their individual needs with convenience. There are sophisticated techniques requiring the expertise and variety of technology.